Honest HGH Reviews

Why HGH supplements are better than steroids

Most people don’t really know what HGH, or human growth hormone is. Even many of those that have read or heard something about HGH and HGH supplements tend to think that it’s some sort of a synthetic, chemical drug that works like a steroid, and makes you grow huge muscles overnight. The truth is quite different in fact. HGH is, as the name suggests, a hormone that’s naturally produced by the human body, or rather it’s brain (the anterior pituitary gland to be exact). Read more...

Human growth hormone (HGH) – new age medicine

Through the history people have tried to preserve their youth as long as they could. In order to achieve this, they have tried everything, cosmetic, herbs, prays… For all that time answer was lying inside themselves. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced by pituitary gland in our head.

How does HGH work?
As time passes, our cells are dying. These dead sells are replaced with new ones. Human growth hormone is responsible for these replacements. When we are young this replacement is running smoothly, and as we are getting older it slows down. Our gland is not producing enough of the HGH and we are getting old. Read more...

Important info on HGH

HGH (human growth hormone) encourages balanced cell development. The pituitary gland produces this hormone the natural way (the pituitary gland is situated close to the base of human brain). Even though the pituitary gland is pretty tiny, it carries out numerous crucial functions inside the body system.

In kids and adolescents, the pituitary gland produces significant levels of HGH when compared to grownups. But, as people grow older, the pituitary starts to generate not as much HGH. In young people, the amino acids in HGH help normal balanced growth. In grown persons who have stopped developing, these bodily hormones help conserve a young-looking physical appearance and preserve energy. Average amounts of human growth hormones are crucial for normal physical maintenance and operating, but in extreme quantities, HGH may result in severe health difficulties, such as pituitary gigantism, pituitary cancers and diabetes. Pituitary tumors display symptoms that incorporate consistent headaches and damaged eyesight. Pituitary melanoma usually requires procedure with surgical treatment and radiation. Pituitary gigantism is extreme cell growth leading to a gigantic figure, and it may make children extraordinarily tall or weighty for their age group. Type 2 diabetes is associated with muscle weakness, painful nerve endings and insulin resistance. The danger of pituitary illnesses heightens after the age of forty. Read more...